Forest nursery JOHANKA

Forest nursery JOHANKA | Forest nursery with a tradition...

The history of the JOHANKA Forest Nursery began in 1968, the Johanka Forest Nursery is one of the oldest established nursery centres in our country and is also one of the highest (about 640 m above sea level). The outdoor production area is currently less than 40 hectares.

Since 2020, the nursery has been in the hands of a new owner who is gradually restoring the original lustre of the JOHANKA brand by investing in modernisation (self-irrigation systems with large capacity for foliar irrigation), mechanisation and efficient use of water and natural resources (new heat distribution systems, irrigation from its own pond). We attach great importance to ecological behaviour. The plan also envisages expanding production to include ornamental plants and tree species.

The planting material in the JOHANKA nursery has always been among the best. The location, altitude and natural conditions create an ideal environment for the production of long-lived and high-quality seedlings.